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LEATHER & YOU Why Choose Leather?

vintage black cowhide leather motorcycle jacket

Why Choose Leather?
So, what is it about leather that makes it so desirable over other materials for clothing and accessories? Leather is made from natural materials, creating a strong connection between humans and the world that they wander. Its versatility in its ability to be moulded into all sorts of textures and designs while maintaining its durability and longevity are what make it unique. It is very rare for a material to compete with the luxurious feel and look of leather. If taken care of properly, a leather product can last so long that it can become a heritage item that is passed down to generations. For this reason, leather has gained cultural significance as well due to its extensive use over centuries for vintage items that have been preserved till date.

Can withstand wear and tear
Let’s talk about some advantages of genuine leather that have contributed to its popularity. Leather is perhaps the most durable material in the world which can last for decades regardless of daily wear and tear if taken proper care of. This is why leather items are considered a long term investment and unlike other fashion pieces which are bought factoring in trends, people buy leather in colours and designs that are more neutral, timeless and modern rather than trendy so that they don’t go out of fashion due to some phase.
Never goes out of fashion
There aren’t many articles of clothing or accessories that make you fit right in and yet simultaneously make you stand out from the rest no matter the occasion, style, trend or dress code. That is what leather does for you. No matter what colour and design leather is fashioned into, it gives the same luxury, class, and modernity. We might be making leather belts, jackets, bags and wallets for you but when you consider its usage in the furniture, automobile and other industries, you will be able to gauge how versatile Leather is. Its uses encompass fashion, and a single piece can take you through all seasons.
Leather projects a distinctive aura
Some people purchase for the aesthetic, functionality, feel and durability of leather. Others purchase it for the personality they are able to express and project when they wear leather. It helps people carry themselves the way they like. Leather has a very masculine vibe to it which appeals to the male audience a lot who want to project a powerful aura. It also has a very luxurious and mysterious vibe to it which appeals to both men and women of such tastes.
Another aspect that adds to the personality of the leather and makes it more personal is the way leather ages with time. Because of its natural characteristics, it undergoes certain changes when exposed to external elements. The colour can fade a bit or it can darken with time, it all depends on the type of leather and how it was made.

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