AU Fashion has earned a distinct reputation in the manufacturing and retailing of leather jackets. Our experienced tailors give personal attention to each piece made and is the primary difference between us and other jacket manufacturers.

The company is operated by a team of energetic people who wish to improve the quality of living by bringing in new designs and high quality apparels to the fashion industry.

With different varieties of appeal and versatility, we seek to be trendy, contemporary and inspirational.

The look of these jackets are priceless, anyone wearing them can make a bold fashion statement.

Our styles range from rugged Western to the most elegant of classic and contemporary fashions. At AU Fashion, we hope to provide our customers with unique high quality products that brings them pleasure for years to come. We hope that they will remember us if they need any jackets or services in the future. We thank our customers, for the opportunity to do what we always love,

and what we always do the best.

All our jackets are manufactured by us in our factory with conscious care. Our experienced tailors give personal attention in order to maintain the highest standards of workmanship to each piece made. It is the primary difference between us and other jacket manufacturers.

You can choose from our wide range of high quality jackets for all ages. AU Fashion provides Leather and sheepskin jackets for both men and women with over 40 eye-catching designs. They are come in high street and slim fits and are made to last.

Placing an order with AU Fashion means that you will get the jacket directly from the manufacturer, No Agents and No middlemen between you and us. Have a look at what we offer to our customers by either visiting our website or you can contact us with any enquiry. If you require another colour or different design in jackets that are not in our collections, please let us call us so that we may help you with your needs.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to build an apparel company with superior design, higher quality and better value to our customers. To accomplish this goal we strive to give greater service to both our business partners and consumers – we want to satisfy everyone by delivering better value through better design.

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